Prostatitis and Premature Ejaculation – Does Prostatitis Cause PE?

A man consulting with a doctor about prostatitis and premature ejaculation

Prostatitis is an inflammation/infection of the prostate gland. It can cause pain around the testicles, penis and lower back. It can also lead to pain during urination and ejaculation.

Some man suffer from chronic prostatitis which comes and goes overtime. Chronic prostatitis is more common in men over the age of 50. All types of prostatitis is found in men of all ages.

Does prostatitis cause premature ejaculation?

Not always but it can cause premature ejaculation in some cases. This means that not all men with prostatitis also suffer from premature ejaculation. And not all men with premature ejaculation have prostatitis.

Prostatitis is not a common cause of premature ejaculation. Read more about the causes of premature ejaculation here.

Prostatitis premature ejaculation treatment

If you suffer from acquired premature ejaculation that is caused by prostatitis, then to treat premature ejaculation you simply need to treat the prostatitis.

Acquired premature ejaculation means premature ejaculation that started happening all of a sudden. The treatment  acquired PE caused by prostatitis usually includes antibiotics and/or pain killers. You should consult your doctor for more information.

If you suffer from lifelong premature ejaculation then you should treat premature ejaculation as a separate issue. Read more about the available premature ejaculation treatments here.

Medically reviewed by Oreoluwa Ogunyemi, MD.

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