What The Science Says: The Research Behind Mindfulness And Performance Anxiety

Mindfulness helps you focus on being aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the present moment, without interpretation or judgment.

When you do that, you stop your mind wandering to the future or past (where stress and anxiety love to hide) and as a result, eliminate the worry that hits at the wrong moment.

The studies below will show the effectiveness of mindfulness in defeating performance anxiety, and how it can help you get your erection back.

#1: Mindfulness meditation is an effective method to overcome performance anxiety

Research reveals that mindfulness is an effective tool in the fight against performance anxiety. By “rewiring” your brain and thought patterns, you not only reduce general stress or worry, but specifically sexual performance anxiety that hurts your ability to get and maintain your erection.

A group of men suffering from sexual performance anxiety practiced mindfulness meditation for 4 weeks.

After the 4 weeks, 9 out of 10 reported significant improvement in their ability to get and maintain an erection, and in their overall satisfaction with their sex lives.

You can dive into the details of the study here.

managed to get and maintain their erection

#2: Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety

As far back as a decade ago, mindfulness was rapidly gaining popularity as a way of fighting the stress and worry that had become common.

A group of researchers combed the research to see if there was truth behind the claim that mindfulness really could reduce stress and anxiety.

The researchers looked at 39 studies involving 1,140 people receiving mindfulness-based therapy, and the results that came out of them.

After working through the studies, the researchers concluded that mindfulness was found to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression (mood symptoms).

Want to know more? You can read the research analysis here.

Mindfulness reduces stress

#3: Mindfulness changes the brain for the better within 8 weeks

Mindfulness has been shown to promote calmness and relaxation when stress strikes, but what – if anything – did it do to the physical brain? A study compared a group of people who practiced mindfulness daily with those who didn’t.

A group who knew little about mindfulness had MRI scans done on their brains. They then practiced mindfulness for 27 minutes a day over 8 weeks, then had their brains re-scanned for changes.

When the group had MRI scans after practicing mindfulness, the researchers found improvements in the following brain regions:

  • The left hippocampus, which assists in learning, cognition, memory and emotional regulation which controls the fear center in the brain (the amygdala). This helps in reducing the ‘fight or flight’ response.
  • The posterior cingulate, associated with mind wandering and self-relevance (how specific things affect us or are important to us).
  • The temporo parietal junction (or TPJ), which is associated with perspective taking, empathy, and compassion.

The study proved that brain structure changes in a positive way after just a short period of practicing mindfulness.

Find the full details of the study here, or hear from one the scientists involved about how they discovered the neurological benefits of mindfulness here.

Mindfulness rewires the brain within 8 weeks

#4: Mindfulness meditation reduces the “fight or flight” response

This study showed that mindfulness meditation helps to reduce the size of the amygdala. That means your brain’s less likely to trigger a “fight or flight” response from stress or anxiety (and lose your erection as a result).

Along with that, mindfulness means you generally feel less stress and calmer as your amygdala’s not able to take charge as often…

Which is exactly what it takes to overcome performance anxiety and to get erections back on your terms.

Researchers did MRI scans of 155 healthy adults to look for dispositional mindfulness (their natural mindfulness levels, something we all have to some degree).

In the brains of those with higher dispositional mindfulness, the amygdala – the fear center of the brain – was found to be smaller. This means they’re less likely to experience acute stress and anxiety, or to trigger the “fight or flight” response.

This may help explain why people who practice mindfulness are typically less stressed and calmer.

You’ll find the details of the study here.

Mindfulness rewires the brain within 8 weeks

The logical conclusion: mindfulness WORKS

Though there have been dozens of studies on mindfulness, many reach one of the same (or similar) conclusions:

  • 1
    Mindfulness meditation is an effective method to conquer performance anxiety
  • 2
    Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety
  • 3
    Mindfulness changes the brain for the better within 8 weeks
  • 4
    Mindfulness meditation reduces the “fight or flight” response

Ultimately, mindfulness gives you a way to stay calmed, relaxed, and ultimately able to get and maintain an erection whenever you want.

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