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A sex therapist reviews the Between Us Clinic’s Performance Anxiety Program

While the Between Us Clinic’s program is not an instant solution, with dedication and commitment, I have the confidence it can be the long-term solution you’ve been seeking.

The structured approach of the program, along with the guided meditation recordings and the educational component addressing the mind-body connection, make it a tool from which most men could benefit in their journey of overcoming performance anxiety and ED.

Between Us Clinic Performance Anxiety Program Review – Does It Work for ED?

The Between Us Clinic’s Performance Anxiety Program is an excellent, comprehensive solution for individuals hoping to work through erectile dysfunction linked to performance anxiety. if you’re seeking a long-term solution to performance anxiety, the Between Us Clinic’s Program may be a valuable resource.”

Between Us Clinic Performance Anxiety Program Review – Can It Help Anxiety-Induced ED?

With Between Us Clinic‘s Performance Anxiety Program, you’ll get a clear roadmap to beat anxiety and get your erections back. It equips you with all the tools and info needed to conquer performance anxiety. This program is a great help for men dealing with anxiety-related ED.

Getting a Hand on Your Orgasm

World-renowned sex therapist Dr. Zvi Zuckerman, M.D. created the ‘PE Program‘ at Between Us Clinic, a smart online system that utilizes the stop-start and squeeze technique to help men learn how to manage the sensation to cum. Guys go through a series of practice sessions and report back to the system after each one. There is an algorithm that adjusts based on feedback, and guides the user on how/when to change stimulation.”

4 Ways to Last in the Bedroom

“Online sex therapy platform Between Us Clinic has teamed up with certified sexologist Dr. Zvi Zuckerman to create the PE Program, a smart online system that utilizes sexual behavioral exercises to help men overcome premature ejaculation. At the click of a button, men can receive their own personalized exercise program and begin to treat their issue.”

We Had a Doctor Bust 14 Penis Myths

Medical doctor and certified sex therapist Dr. Zvi Zuckerman is the creator of the PE Program — an online system that includes a home exercise program for self-treatment of premature ejaculation.”

Men with premature ejaculation now have something to be thankful for

“For men who want to treat their premature ejaculation from the privacy of their own home, use a commonly known method, achieve long-term results, and have the support and guidance of our online system, we believe you should give the PE Program a try!

How To Fix Premature Ejaculation

There are exercises which are intended to teach the man how to recognize the erotic sensation before ejaculation and how to use this awareness in order to delay the ejaculation. When these exercises are conducted on a regular basis, there are high rates of success.”

Premature ejaculation in teenage boys

Daniel Sher, clinical psychologist and a consultant at Between Us Clinic, points to another recent survey that found 34% of young men aged between 16 and 21 experience sexual difficulties, including PE. Another study found PE is the most common form of sexual dysfunction in young men, affecting nearly half (41.9%) of the adolescents interviewed.”

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

“In many men who experience premature ejaculation, there was some kind of disturbance or interruption in this natural learning process. This interruption caused them to not learn to recognize the sensations and feelings of arousal that precede orgasm. Because of this, they are unable to prolong the plateau stage, delay orgasm, and exert control over their ejaculatory reflex.”

8 Ways You’re Completely Disappointing Her in Bed

“A recent Between Us Clinic survey of 1,040 women revealed that 41 percent of women would not date a man who couldn’t keep it up and 25 percent would break up because of it.”

Lack of interest in sex the worst form of male sexual dysfunction: Study

“The Between Us Clinic, who surveyed 1,040 women in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., found 38% disliked a reduced sex drive – affecting more than 5% of men – the most.”

Women say this is the worst male sexual issue

“Women in the US, UK and Canada were surveyed by site Between Us Clinic, before the results were released as public data. The results from this heteronormative study of over 1000 women show we’re highly bothered by sexual issues. The data even suggests that many would avoid starting a relationship – or would end an existing one – because of sexual dysfunction.”

Ever Heard About Honeymoon Impotence?

When a man is unable to complete sexual intercourse with his partner, during those first sexual encounters, he may feel compelled to ‘correct’ the problem. So, he frantically tries to perform the act during future encounters – only to experience impotence again. Once again, he becomes discouraged and either sexually withdraws from his partner or becomes angry and lashes out at her.”

Can porn cause erectile dysfunction?

“As PIED is a relatively new phenomenon, medical and psychological experts don’t know for sure whether the one is directly linked to the other, and further research is needed. But according to Daniel Sher, a clinical psychologist and a consultant for the Between Us Clinic, what they do know is ‘the proportion of young men battling with PIED has increased exponentially in recent times.’”

Is your lifestyle impacting your sex drive?

“As Daniel Sher, clinical psychologist and sex therapy expert at Between Us Clinic, explains, lifestyle can have a major impact on your libido. ‘Libido is affected by so many varied factors,’ he says. ‘It involves a complex interplay between neurology, emotion, hormones, physiology, thoughts and past experiences. It’s all interlinked.’”

The 5 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

“’Doggy style is a classic deep penetration position’, Zvi Zuckerman, MD, a certified sex therapist at online sex therapy clinic Between Us, tells Health. ‘This variation has you on your hands and knees, with your partner kneeling (or standing) behind you’.”

More and more people are turning to VR porn during self-isolation

Clinical psychologist and consultant for the Between Us Clinic, Daniel Sher, warned Insider that sound research and scientific evidence for the neurological impact of VR porn is limited. ‘However, research on virtual reality immersion more generally has found that this sort of stimulus can affect a person’s brain and nervous system in a unique and powerful way,’ he said.”

The Center for Positive Sexuality – Sexuality Resources Page

The Center for Positive Sexuality is a 501c3 non-profit educational and research unincorporated association. Their mission is to address social issues through sex positive research and education, and to provide information to professionals, students, and others that is consistent with the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual health.

The Center for Positive Psychology has included the Between Us Clinic in their sexuality resources page.

Can’t Get It Up? Maybe You’re Thinking Too Much

According to Daniel Sher, a clinical psychologist and sex therapy expert at the Between Us Clinic, “Mindfulness has been shown to have a wide range of benefits for those who practice it regularly. Such benefits include improved relationships, better anger management, reduction of depression, improvements in concentration, reduced anxiety, and improved cardiovascular health. In addition, studies have demonstrated that mindfulness enables us to “rewire” certain brain networks in a way that produces good health outcomes.”