Why Not Self-Treat?

Dealing with premature ejaculation quite understandably causes men to try and delay ejaculation. However, the methods they frequently use are not useful and can reduce sexual enjoyment for both partners. In many cases, the attempts to deal with premature ejaculation can actually make the problem worse.

Perpetuating the problem by trying to solve It

In order to delay ejaculation, some men will try to deprive themselves of the enjoyment of sex by concentrating on something else, like a sport, or work issues. Not only does this cause the affected men to not enjoy their sexual relations, but because they are not paying attention to the sensations of having sex, they aren’t gaining any awareness or control of the sensations and feelings that precede orgasm. This just perpetuates the issue of premature ejaculation.

Many times, men will try to manually or orally stimulate their partners in order to increase their pleasure. But since the men are so focused on not ejaculating, this contact can become mechanic and will not be pleasurable to a woman.

Contagious tension

If a man is exhibiting tense behavior during sexual activity, this tension will spread to his partner and prevent her from acting naturally. In some cases, a man will block his partner’s attempts to touch his penis, kiss him, or otherwise sexually stimulate him. This can lead to the woman having decreased confidence and increased inhibitions.

A woman with a partner who ejaculates prematurely will learn quickly that her pelvic movement and in some cases her enjoyment of sex will cause her partner to orgasm immediately, putting an abrupt stop to the sexual intercourse. In order to not cause an end to the intercourse, which will put an end to her enjoyment, she will be more restrained, and will experience less enjoyment because of it.

A short-sighted solution

In order to help their partners have an enjoyable sexual experience, many men will try to have sex again shortly after the first instance of intercourse. The thought behind this is that they may now be able to last longer, and this is sometimes true. However, women are often not ready to have sex again in such quick succession, and in some cases, the disappointment stemming from the first bout makes them not want to try again.
Furthermore, as the affected man grows older, this method becomes less possible.

These attempts to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation are understandable. Everyone wants what’s best for themselves and their partners, and many men see these methods as ways to achieve that. However, these attempts to treat premature ejaculation without professional guidance can actually worsen the problem.

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About Zvi Zuckerman, MD

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Dr. Zvi Zuckerman is a medical doctor and sex therapist whose exemplary career has spanned forty years. Among the positions he has held, Dr. Zuckerman has served as the director of the Andrology and Sex Counseling Unit at the Rabin Medical Center.

Today, Dr. Zuckerman serves as a professional consultant for the Between Us Clinic, which provides sex therapy online programs for couples and men experiencing premature ejaculation. He also treats patients at his private clinic.