Premature Ejaculation Types

There are four main types of premature ejaculation:

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation

Lifelong premature ejaculation is a condition that has been present in a male for his entire life, and has been affecting him since his first sexual experience. According to research performed by neuropsychiatrist Marcel D. Waldinger, 91% of lifelong premature ejaculation cases are caused by genetic factors.

Acquired Premature Ejaculation

Acquired premature ejaculation is what the condition is referred to when a male who has a normal sex life and typically has a standard sexual performance suddenly begins to ejaculate prematurely. Acquired premature ejaculation may be caused by stress or anxiety related to a new relationship as well as seemingly unrelated issues such as work or finances. In some cases it could even be a result of an imbalance of serotonin.

Subjective Premature Ejaculation

Subjective premature ejaculation is when a male thinks he experiences premature ejaculation, either consistently or inconsistently. While a medical doctor or sex therapist may determine that there is no issue with the time it takes the male in question to ejaculate, the male still believes there is a problem and wants to be able to delay ejaculation longer than he is currently able to.

Subjective premature ejaculation is characterized by a male having a preoccupation with this imagined premature ejaculation, or a preoccupation with feeling as though he cannot control the timing of his ejaculation.

Variable Premature Ejaculation

This is premature ejaculation that occurs irregularly and inconsistently. In other words, while the male may typically experience standard sexual performance, he may begin to ejaculate prematurely in certain instances. This irregularity and inconsistency may occur with one female partner or only with specific partners. It may also occur in certain conditions or situations, having nothing to do with the partner.

Regardless of which type of premature ejaculation you think you may be dealing with, it is important to understand that it is a common condition and many cases of all types have been treated using a customized, exercise-based program.

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