How to Last Longer In Bed – The Complete Guide

Simple Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Help You Last Longer in Bed
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Do you wish you could keep going for longer? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! It’s a no-brainer: men and women worldwide would love to spend more time feeling that ecstasy, intimacy, and connection. But for many people, sex ends far too soon, and it feels like it’s all over mere moments after it began! As men, this can cause big problems when it comes to our self-esteem, relationship quality, and overall life satisfaction.

Premature ejaculation – a disorder that’s usually diagnosed when you ejaculate in under two minutes – is a very common problem, affecting up to 30% of men. But even for those who don’t have this condition, lasting longer in bed is a real concern for men all over the world.

9 ways to last longer in bed

Let’s cover 9 of the most common ways to make sex last longer. First up:

1. Sex positions can make you last longer

Sex positions can make you last longer during sex

Sex positions that apply less stimulation to the underside of the penis can help you last longer

Certain sex positions can help you to last longer during sex. For example, did you know that the underside of the penis is one of the most sensitive parts? So, any sex position stimulating the underside of the penis can make you climax earlier than intended.

“Spooning” and “cowgirl” are two sex positions that reduce overstimulation. The same goes for most positions in which the woman is more dominant or where the man can keep his leg and pelvic muscles relaxed!

To learn more, read the article we wrote about “sex positions that could help you last longer.”

2. Reduce performance anxiety

Anxiety can sometimes make you lose control

Performance anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation. But even just a little bit of stress or anxiety can sometimes make you lose control.

Try exercising regularly, as this helps to counteract stress hormones while also giving you a pleasurable endorphin buzz. You don’t have to be running marathons either: a daily stroll out in nature can work wonders for your psychological well-being.

Also make sure your caffeine intake isn’t too high; and try not to drink caffeinated beverages after lunch, as this can stop you from getting a full night’s rest.

If you have experienced performance anxiety once or twice, it is nothing to worry about. But if this becomes a chronic condition, you should consider getting help.

To learn more, read the article we wrote about overcoming anxiety-induced premature ejaculation.

3. Stop-start method and the squeeze technique

Premature Ejaculation Exercise Graph

Practicing premature ejaculation exercises is a natural way to improve your stamina during sex

Two of the most popular premature ejaculation exercises are the “stop-start method” and the “squeeze technique.” Numerous studies have proven their effectiveness in treating premature ejaculation.

These exercises are used to train men with premature ejaculation to last longer naturally. But you can use the exercise to train yourself to last longer, even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation!

All you need to do is masturbate or have sex until you almost reach the ‘point of no return’ – and then stop. Repeat this process several times before coming. This concept is often known as “edging.” With the “squeeze technique,” you also need to squeeze at the underside of your penis below the glans (where the head joins the shaft). Squeeze until you no longer want to orgasm.

How can practicing these exercises help you last longer in bed? These methods train us to recognize the signals that are sent out during sex. In doing this, we learn to know our bodies better, helping us move closer toward ejaculatory control.

For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, the exercises are done best with guidance and support. This is why we created the PE Program – an online exercise program for premature ejaculation. You can read all about it here.

4. Masturbate more often or have more sex

orgasm more often to improve your stamina

Orgasm more often to improve your stamina

Does masturbating make you last longer? The simple answer is ‘yes.’ If we don’t get sexual release through sex or masturbation, the ‘sexual pressure’ inside us starts to build. In this state, our bodies will be hypersensitive, making it more likely that we’ll orgasm prematurely.

Try having sex or masturbating more often – ideally, no less than once per week. But when it comes to masturbation, it’s important not to rush through the process. Why? You may accidentally train yourself to ejaculate quickly, which could lead to premature ejaculation.

For more information, read our guide about masturbation and premature ejaculation.

5. Use desensitizing sprays, creams, or gels

a picture of Promescent, a numbing spray for premature ejaculation

Desensitizing sprays, creams, or gels can make you last longer by partially numbing the penis. The downside is that this takes some of the pleasure and excitement out of sex!

A few of the leading brands to consider are STUD100 which is the longest-selling delay spray. Promescent is relatively new and more expansive but is said to have faster absorbing capabilities.

Most of these products can be purchased online or at your local pharmacy without a prescription.

6. Talk to your partner

reducing stress can help you to last longer

Opening up will help reduce stress and can help you last longer

Good communication with a partner can make it easier to last longer in bed. When you’re not talking openly about the things that worry you, this can create tension and anxiety. And anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation.

When we struggle to perform, it’s easy to become self-conscious and start having unhelpful thoughts such as: “I’m not a real man because I can’t last long enough in bed” or “she’s going to leave me if this happens again.” Apart from being untrue, these kinds of ideas make us feel even more anxious and put us under unnecessary pressure.

If you think anxiety and stress are causing your to lose control of ejaculation, read this guide to learn how to overcome this issue.

7. Take your time

only penetrate when your body and mind are calm and ready

Take it slow and only penetrate when your body and mind are calm and ready

As you begin to move toward having sex, take things slowly. This can help you last longer by controlling your arousal levels. If you rush, you’re more likely to be disconnected from your bodily processes, which can cause an orgasm to occur prematurely.

Moreover, when you’re worked up and overstimulated, it’s very easy to become anxious. Anxiety further disconnects you from what’s happening in your body and may put you at greater risk of developing premature ejaculation.

So, what’s the answer? Try to ease into the sexual experience, and be sure to savor every moment. Take it slow! Talk to your partner and take deep breaths; notice the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that come up. Make sure that you only penetrate when your body and mind are calm and ready.

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8. Help her to orgasm first through foreplay

help your partner orgasm first

Make sure she has already had some sexual satisfaction before penetration

Helping your partner to orgasm through foreplay can help sex last longer. By the time you go ahead with penetration, you can be confident that your partner has already had some sexual pleasure.

This often takes the pressure off, leaving you free to have sex without worrying too much about lasting longer during sex.

Just keep in mind that if you have become very aroused while pleasuring your partner, then you should take a few moments to cool off before penetration.

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8. Use thick or delay condoms

A think condom can be used as a desensitizer

A think condom can be used as a desensitizer

Some men find that certain types of condoms help prolong intercourse. Some even say they can last “forever” when using these condoms. Search for brands that boast “extra strength.” Usually, these condoms are thicker than most, which prevents your penis from becoming overstimulated.

There are also condoms that have desensitizing gel in them. Some of the leading delay condoms include Trojan Extended Control condoms and Durex Prolong condoms.

9. Use the refractory period

Orgasming for the second time within a short period usually takes longer

Orgasming for the second time usually takes longer

Having sex shortly after you orgasm makes it easier for you to prolong intercourse the second-time round. This works because your penis will be less sensitive.

The problem here is that your partner might be left disappointed after your first ejaculation. One way of avoiding this problem is to masturbate in private, just before having sex. But the timing can be complicated.

Also, keep in mind that as we grow older, we must wait longer – even up to a day – before we’re ready to have sex the second time. In other words, this method isn’t the most practical long-term solution.

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Beware of natural herbs and remedies

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Snake oil has been around for centuries, sold by scammers who use fake science to sell bogus medicine to people with real problems.

Today, with the internet, this is happening more than ever: supplements that make wild and unrealistic claims about fixing all sorts of sexual problems are only a click away. But do they really work?

Our answer is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. To our professional knowledge, there are no effective natural supplements that truly help men to last longer.

To sum things up

Whether you suffer from full-blown premature ejaculation or not, it’s normal for you to want to be able to last longer in bed. Sex is one of the most pleasurable and intimate experiences we can share with our partners – of course, we want to keep this going for as long as possible!

If you’re looking to last longer in bed, you can now use this article as a resource for what works and what doesn’t.

If you’d like to know more about lasting longer in bed in-depth, you are in luck because we offer an extensive free course on this very topic, entitled “The Last Longer in Bed Toolbox.”

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