Effects of Premature Ejaculation

a couple thinking about the effects of premature ejaculation For men, premature ejaculation can cause not just a significant reduction in levels of sexual functioning and satisfaction, but also a decline in the overall quality of life. Men who struggle with premature ejaculation commonly may deal with increased levels of distress, a deterioration of confidence and self-esteem, interpersonal problems, relationship problems, and feelings of shame and disgrace.

Thirty percent of men with premature ejaculation report anxiety in sexual situations. Single men who experience premature ejaculation may avoid getting into relationships because of the fear of embarrassment, while men in relationships may fear their partner will become dissatisfied and the relationship will end because of it.

How men commonly deal with premature ejaculation?

Men may try and deal with the issue in ways that range from unenjoyable to impractical or even dangerous. These methods include:

  1. Masturbation before having sex in order to decrease penile sensitivity
  2. Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs before having sex
  3. Taking specific anti-blood pressure medicine (with a side-effect of delaying ejaculation)
  4. Getting into a relationship with a woman with little sexual experience, who may not realize that he has an issue, or a woman with a low sex drive
  5. Decreasing sex frequency or complete avoidance of sex

The effects of premature ejaculation on women

Like men, premature ejaculation can have both physical and emotional ramifications on their female partners. Women dealing with a partner’s premature ejaculation typically report reduced sexual satisfaction, loss of desire and orgasms, and an increase in both distress and interpersonal difficulties.

The abrupt end to sexual intercourse that accompanies premature ejaculation can result in a woman’s inability to climax, even from clitoris stimulation. This can lead to resentment and anger, and even the refusal to engage in intimate relations.

How women commonly react to premature ejaculation?

Most loving partners will try to be understanding, considerate and patient. But when the problem proves to be severe, even a loving partner’s patience can run out. Some women may:

  • React with anger or surprise
  • Judge their partners
  • Have negative perceptions regarding their partner’s manhood
  • Feel that their partner is disrespecting them, or wants to frustrate them on purpose
  • Feel that their partner does not care about their sexual needs
  • Worry that their partner is not attracted to them
  • Suffer from a reduced sex drive or begin to avoid sex completely
  • Cheat or breakup with/divorce their partners, in extreme cases

The effects of premature ejaculation on relationships

This level of stress in the relationship can negatively affect the relationship by eroding the intimacy level and causing distance between partners. These effects are so unfortunate, especially because we know they can be avoided. The understanding that this is a common issue not just for many men but for many couples, combined with the willingness to work through treatment should help avoid many of these negative feelings and consequences.

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