How to Control Premature Ejaculation Through Yoga?

A man practicing a yoga pose for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation affects millions of men worldwide. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice which originated in India and is now practiced all over the world, as a way of improving one’s health and wellbeing. With the increase in Yoga’s popularity, some men are turning to this as a way of overcoming PE.

But, can Yoga really help prevent premature ejaculation? What does science say? Are there any other, more effective ways of stopping PE? These are the questions that we’ll be exploring in this article. This will empower you to stay informed and take steps to last longer in bed, in the most effective way possible.

What does the science say about yoga and premature ejaculation?

So, is the idea that PE can be prevented with Yoga backed by hard evidence? A recent review article published in 2017 explored the link between Yoga and PE. They found that in some instances, Yoga has been shown to improve PE and help men last longer in bed! However, other studies showed that the people practicing Yoga did not improve, compared to the placebo group. Other studies still were criticized for not having proper methodologies in place. 

So, what does this all mean for you and I? Basically, the evidence is mixed. Some suggest that Yoga works for sexual dysfunction, while others have found that this is not the case. While it does seem that Yoga might be able to improve sexual stamina, we still need more research to be done before we can know whether this is really the case. Nonetheless, let’s think about what it is that makes Yoga potentially useful for men looking to last longer in bed.

How might yoga help men last longer in bed?

For starters, Yoga incorporates aspects of mindfulness, which involves cultivating an awareness of the present moment and the physical and emotional experiences that you are having there and then.

People who are mindful in this way are more connected to their bodily functions and this can help them delay ejaculation during sex. Interestingly, these are the same principles that make certain behavioral sex therapy exercises effective. These include the famous “Stop Start Method” and the “Squeeze Technique”, both of which we mention further down.

What else? Research shows that Yoga can increase the activity of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone that is involved in depression and anxiety disorders. We also know that premature ejaculation is sometimes associated with low serotonin levels. It’s possible, then, that Yoga can help PE indirectly, by boosting serotonin and reducing anxiety.

Should I use yoga as a technique to last longer in bed?

So, you’re not entirely sure whether or not to proceed with Yoga as a way to last longer in bed? On the one hand, Yoga is a healthy practice that has brought wellbeing and happiness to many. Research has shown that Yoga can be potentially helpful for anxiety, depression and poor concentration.

There is also some evidence to suggest that Yoga can be effective in treating PE, as we discussed above. As such, it certainly can’t hurt to give Yoga a try – you may even find yourself accessing health benefits not related to sex!

On the other hand, though, if you’re really serious about overcoming PE, you should be guided by the science that’s already out there. Apart from Yoga, there are other simpler techniques that can be used to overcome PE. These techniques have a solid evidence behind them and have been used by sex therapists for decades as a primary treatment approach for PE.

Examples of these behavioral sex therapy techniques include the Stop-Start Method and the Squeeze Technique. You can read more about these techniques here.

Summing up

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that is now being practiced by people all over the world, helping them improve their physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.

As Yoga has become more popular, researchers have sought to explore the health benefits that it can bring. Some have suggested that Yoga can treat premature ejaculation and men are seeking this out online as a way of lasting longer in bed.

While there is some evidence to suggest that Yoga can be effective in this way, we still need more good scientific research before we can know for sure that this is the best way of learning to last longer in bed.

About Daniel Sher, MA

Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapy Expert

Daniel is a registered clinical psychologist and a sex therapy expert practicing in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the creator of the Between Us Clinic’s Performance Anxiety Program, an online mindfulness meditation program for erectile dysfunction.

He gained his master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014. A component of his training and practice involves working in the context of sexual and sex-related issues.

Daniel also treats patients at his clinic for male sexual dysfunctions including, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety.