What are the stop-start and squeeze techniques?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is more common than you think. According to a recent study, 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation!

Luckily, there are simple exercises you can practice to improve your control and enjoy longer, more satisfying sex. These exercises are called the “squeeze technique” and the “stop-start method”.

Their main goal is to help you better identify your ‘point of no return’ and to keep your excitement level below that point.

What is the ‘point of no return’?

There could be a number of underlying causes for PE, but the ‘here and now cause’ is a limited ability to identify the point at which a little more stimulation will make you ejaculate – the ‘point of no return’.

Men who don’t suffer from premature ejaculation can identify when they are about to reach the ‘point of no return’ long enough BEFORE ejaculation. This allows them to naturally develop sexual stamina as their sexual experience grows.

Unlike them, men who suffer from premature ejaculation cannot naturally improve their sexual stamina. Why? By the time they realize they are reaching the ‘point of no return’, it’s already TOO LATE to do anything to delay ejaculation. In other words, they have limited control over their ejaculation timing.

How do you use these methods?

You start by learning to better identify the ‘point of no return’. Initially, you will likely reach this point with minimal stimulation. Once you succeed in identifying the point of no return, you will practice stopping the stimulation just before crossing that point.

During the exercises, you will increase your stimulation level until you approach the ‘point of no return’ (either through masturbation or sex). Then, you will reduce your level of arousal by firmly squeezing the head (glans) of the penis (the ‘squeeze technique’) or by stopping the stimulation completely (the ‘stop-start method’). You will need to repeat this process several times before you are finally allowed to ejaculate.

With practice, your stamina will grow and it will take more time and stimulation before you feel you are about to ejaculate.

In the graphs below, you can see how practicing these techniques can help you progress from your current state (premature ejaculation) to having normal ejaculatory control.

premature ejaculation
during exercises
normal control

The exercises teach you to identify your ‘point of no return’ long enough before orgasm and to use this to build your sexual stamina.

These methods have been proven to be effective

During the last 5 decades, various studies have found the stop-start method and squeeze technique to be effective in treating premature ejaculation. However, research shows that these techniques need to be performed properly and as part of planned training regime, in order to be effective.

For that reason, sex therapists worldwide are using these methods to help men with PE develop control and last longer in bed.

premature ejaculation statistics

To get results, you must follow a structured training plan

Reading about these techniques and casually using them during sex or masturbation is not enough.

For them to be effective, you need to follow a structured and professional training plan which should include:

  • Training using the proper technique
  • Tracking your results and increasing your training intensity when you reach a certain level
  • A consistent training schedule

Upon completing your training plan, you will have more control over your rhythm of sex, which allows you to last longer naturally – without having to stop or squeeze.

How can we help you?

Between Us Clinic’s Premature Ejaculation Program, designed by sex therapy professionals, is a web app that provides you with a training plan to overcome premature ejaculation which is based on the stop-start method and the squeeze technique.

During the training plan, you will learn how to identify your point of no return long enough BEFORE ejaculation. This will allow you to train your body to delay ejaculation.

The key to lasting longer is keeping your arousal level below the point of no return. That is exactly what we will train you to do.

At first, you’ll do this using the stop-start method and the squeeze technique. However, at the end of your training, you won’t need these techniques anymore and you will be able to last longer naturally, by controlling your rhythm of sex.

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