The PE Program Overview

The PE Program is a smart online system that includes exercises for self-treatment of premature ejaculation.

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PE Program

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What Do I Need to Do?

All you need to do is to set aside 20 minutes, 3 times a week, by yourself or with your partner, and practice the special masturbation or full penetration exercises the PE Program will provide you.

Usually, it takes between 4-12 weeks to complete the program and to learn to control ejaculation.

PE Program

How Will the Exercises in PE Program Help Me Cure PE?

The ‘here and now cause’ for PE is a limited ability to identify the point in which little more stimulation will make you come – the ‘point of no return’.

When you are unable to identify this point on time, you cannot do anything to delay ejaculation and basically have no control. Unlike other men, men with PE cannot naturally improve their stamina for sexual stimulation because they identify the point of no return when it’s too late.

Using the special masturbation or full penetration exercises included in the PE Program, you will learn to identify your ‘point of no return’ long enough before orgasm, and afterward, to train yourself to experience longer sexual stimulation without ejaculating.

Created by Dr. Zvi Zuckerman

A certified sex therapist for the past 35 years, Dr. Zuckerman has been certified as a supervisor of sex therapy by the AASECT.

What Do I Do in the Exercises?

You start by practicing to better identify the ‘point of no return’ with very little stimulation. Once you succeed, you will practice stopping the stimulation just before crossing that point.

In each practice session, you will increase your stimulation level up to the ‘point of no return’ and lower it back down again several times. With practice, your stamina will grow and it will take longer before you feel you are about to ejaculate.

The PE Program contains several steps with increasing stimulation. The program will adjust your advancement between those steps according to your progress rate, and make sure you are on the right track, up to the point where the PE is gone.

Process of Ejaculation During the Exercises
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What Happens After I Sign Up?

The PE Program simulates the treatment experience provided by a sex therapist by updating your plan after each practice session

Step 1

Get Your Personal Exercise Plan

Access our system from your computer or smartphone, answer an evaluation form, and get your personal plan.

Step 1 - Get Your Personal Exercise Plan

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Step 2

Practice the Exercises and Report Back

Practice the exercises alone or with a partner, follow the instructions, and report back to the system after each practice session.

Our special algorithm adjusts your exercise plan according to your feedback to make sure you are progressing correctly.

Step 2 - Practice the Exercises and Report Back

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Step 3

Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Complete the last step in the program and stop worrying about how long you last!

Step 3 - Overcome Premature Ejaculation

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Controlling your ejaculation is possible if you are practicing the right way. The PE Program will help to make sure you are doing the right exercise at the right time – just like a real sex therapist does!

We Got Some More Great Features…

Practice Alone or With Your Partner

We offer a program for couples and a program for single men who are not currently in a relationship or wish to practice on their own.

The couples’ program will improve not only your sex life but also positively affect your relationship in general.

The singles’ program will improve your control and self-esteem, and help you get your sexual performance back on track.

We will assign you to the program that fits you the best, but you can switch anytime.

PE Program for couples

Having Difficulties? We’re Here to Help

During the program, you will have unlimited email consultation from our team of experts led by world-renowned sex therapist, Dr. Zvi Zuckerman, the PE Program creator.

In some cases, the advice of a professional is needed to correct a simple mistake you could have been making in following the directions. We are here for you to make sure you get the best results.


Does It Really Work?

We can happily say it does!

Sex therapists have been using these techniques for the last 45 years, and their effectiveness has been shown in various medical studies.

A study conducted in 2006 showed an improvement rate of more than 800% (!) in the duration of intercourse for men who treated with the Squeeze technique and the Stop-Start method, and an increase of 67% in the partner’s sexual satisfaction levels.

See more studies about exercises for premature ejaculation here.

premature ejaculation statistics

This Is What Derek Has to Say About the PE Program…

  • As I continued with the program, my performance and duration during the exercises improved substantially, going from a very short time at first to twelve minutes of nonstop stimulation.

    I am already confident that I can perform far better than before using the skills and techniques I acquired in the singles’ program.*

  • – Derek D. , CA, USA

    Derek’s Ejaculation Latency *

    More Success Stories

    * This client story is the personal experience of this individual. Your result may vary, depending on your starting point, personal pace and effort.

    Take Control of Your Ejaculation

    In a relatively short time, you can boost your sexual performance and get rid of PE. Your journey towards a healthier and more satisfying sex life starts here. Take the first step and join the PE Program today!

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    Join the PE Program and boost your sexual performance, duration and enjoyment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I Overcome Premature Ejaculation More Quickly?

      Like other things in life, acquiring a new ability takes time and effort. In the PE Program, you train yourself to have real control over ejaculation. This new ability will allow you to finally have a stress-free, spontaneous sex life. We believe it is worth the required time and effort.

    • What exercises are included in the PE Program?

      The PE Program is based on the squeeze technique and the stop-start method, which are sexual therapy exercises that have been proven to be effective in treating premature ejaculation in medical studies.

      Controlling your ejaculation is possible if you are practicing the right way. Using our unique algorithm, the PE Program will make sure you do the right exercise at the right time and in the right way so you can gain the best results.

    • How Do I Tell My Partner and Encourage Her to Participate?

      If you decide that you want to practice with your partner, the PE Program for Couples includes guidance on how to tell your partner and ask her to cooperate and support you during the program. This includes a special section written for her.

      We understand that you may feel as though you are taking a risk in sharing the PE Program with your partner; however, in our experience, women are usually happy that their partners are willing to put in the time and effort to overcome this problem. The end result of a fun, spontaneous and stress-free sex life will be something that you’ll both be sure to appreciate.

    • Can I Overcome Premature Ejaculation Without a Partner?

      Yes. Men who are currently not in relationships or whose partners aren’t willing to participate in the PE Program for Couples can practice using the PE Program for Singles. This version consists of masturbation exercises developed especially for men practicing by themselves.

      After completing the PE Program for Singles, you will most likely feel more in control during sexual encounters, and you may completely overcome your PE. If you feel that you have the desired control while masturbating or during oral sex but still have room for improvement during full sexual encounters, you may need to complete a shortened version of the PE Program for Couples, which is included in the one-time payment.

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