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Dr. Sarah Melancon

Dr. Sarah Melancon
Clinical Sexologist, Ph.D
The PE Program provides many benefits quite similar to working with a sex therapist. Just like a sex therapist, the PE Program guides men on the proper application of the stop-start and squeeze techniques while providing a step-by-step protocol to increase the intensity of practice as men improve their skill.

The PE Program coaches men to identify the physical sensations felt at increasing levels of sexual arousal and ultimately, the point of no return, so men (and their partners!) can enjoy a wider range of sexual pleasure. With ongoing support for questions and challenges faced along the way, the PE Program allows men to undergo comparable treatment to sex therapy from the comfort of home.

I really like the program – while men can find these exercises on the internet, having structured guidance and support is essential for their success IMO. It’s like joining a gym and going once in a while versus hiring a personal trainer – the latter will see results much, much sooner!

As a Sexologist, I recommend the PE Program for men who want to increase their sense of control over ejaculation. Many men with PE feel that ejaculation comes suddenly out of nowhere, and the PE Program is specifically designed to help men identify physical signs that they’re nearing ejaculation to not only prolong their sexual experiences but also enjoy a greater sense of pleasure and satisfaction.


Isiah Mckimmie

Isiah Mckimmie
Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Couples Therapist
The techniques in the program (the stop-start and squeeze techniques) are backed by research and are proven to help men overcome premature ejaculation. For that reason, these helpful techniques are frequently recommended by qualified sex therapists.

Besides the techniques, the program outlines a similar strategy that would be used by sex therapists, such as performing the exercises in a strategic order and increasing the levels of intensity.

Like a qualified sex therapist, the program also provides guidance at each step of the way and assists its clients to better identify their point of no return.

The Premature Ejaculation Program is a great option for men on their journey to overcoming PE, especially those who may not feel comfortable talking to a therapist in person. 


Bilgesu Agbal
Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Family Counselor
Both the stop-start technique and the squeeze technique are proven useful by many researchers. These methods are used by professional sex therapists, in general, in order to help men overcome premature ejaculation, simply because they work.

The experience of using the PE Program is actually very similar to the requirements of therapy sessions with professional sex therapists. Both provide a training plan which includes exercises with increasing levels of intensity, and both progress the client between the exercises only when he is ready. This is important for getting results.

In addition, just like a professional sex therapist, the PE Program and the Between Us Clinic team provide ongoing support for common questions and difficulties throughout the training.

As a sex therapist, I recommend all men who want to improve their ejaculatory control to use the Between Us Clinic’s Premature Ejaculation (PE) Program.


Mark, CA, USA
I can now go to my partner with confidence, without any fear of failure or embarrassment!
I suffered from a severe premature ejaculation problem for a very long time. I constantly ejaculated within 30-40 seconds of stimulation, either during intercourse or while masturbating.

I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know if this program was for real or whether I was going to see results. Does this PE treatment really treat the root cause of the problem and provide a permanent solution? Are their claims too good to be true? There were many obvious questions running through my mind. Luckily, I made the decision to purchase the program.

Upon completion of my training plan, I found myself very happy and satisfied with the outcome. I increased my ejaculation time from 30-40 seconds to 6-7 minutes, just by understanding the root cause of the problem and practicing the exercises. I gained control and confidence!

I found the program to be clear and concise with easy-to-follow instructions for each step. The support team helped me by giving me quick and detailed answers to my specific questions. Definitely a pleasant surprise!

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for help. It helped me, and what could be better than dealing with premature ejaculation without the side effects and risks of prescription medications?

This program deals with the root causes of premature ejaculation without making any false promises. There is no gimmick involved, just simple common sense put into a structured program.

I find myself eager to have sex and put the knowledge and skills I acquired in the last two-and-a-half months or so into practice. I can now go to my partner with confidence, without any fear of failure or embarrassment!

Thank you for all the help throughout the treatment duration. I really appreciate it all.


James, TX, USA
It gives me so much more confidence and I’m not worried about underperforming like I have been for so many years
I’ve been struggling with PE for years and I know it has affected several of my past relationships, especially my most recent one. I’ve tried creams, but they only worked some of the time and were not really solving the problem as much as covering it up.

I’ve searched online before, but most of what I found was pills that were too expensive and not backed by enough research for me to be willing to try. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and I do still use some techniques, such as practicing breathing and exercising your PC muscle. Those help a bit with control, but alone they were not helping enough.

Then one day I came across Between Us Clinic’s PE Program and did some research. The program was very straight forward and seemed simple enough to keep up with. The price was also reasonable, so I decided to give it a try.

I can’t say enough positive things about the program. It has helped me so much. I have not been able to try this out with a partner, but even just going through the steps in the program has made great changes to my PE in only a couple of months. It gives me so much more confidence and I’m not worried about underperforming like I have been for so many years. It has not only helped physically, but psychologically as well.

This program has given me increased self-esteem in general and I am overall a more confident person because of the results I got. I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks this could help them out.


Peter, NY, USA
I have found that my own sexual satisfaction is much higher now
This program was really helpful for me. I’ve had cases where I haven’t been able to last as long with my partners as I would like and I went in hoping to get more control and be able to have sex longer and take the time to really please my partner. I did the solo program but I have had great results since I have been intimate with another person.

It was really helpful to have the website tell you what sort of techniques to use, help you monitor your progress, and tell you when you are ready to move on to the next steps.

I found that my own sexual satisfaction is much higher now after learning some of these techniques. It was also really helpful to have a real person available by email for when I had questions.

This was money well spent. I went in looking to be able to last longer and fulfill my partner’s desire for longer sex, and I have a lot more confidence moving forward that I will be able to perform well.
I definitely recommend the program.


Steven, NY, USA
It was wonderful to finally last long enough to see my wife enjoy the act and reach orgasm
I have suffered from lifelong PE and used to last around 1 minute most times. Even though my wife usually didn’t say anything explicitly, I got hints that it was not enough for her. I would always think about it while having sex, which led to performance anxiety. That resulted in diminishing interest in sex from her.

I tried different treatments for premature ejaculation without success. I tried the stop-start method on my own, but I couldn’t find the time and dedication to follow through with it.

Recently, I heard about the PE Program and hesitantly signed up. I discovered that the program is very well designed and provided me with the information I needed to use the stop-start method properly. Following its step-by-step training plan helped me build confidence as I progressed through the program.

The program tracked my progress and showed me the history of how I was doing, including the longest time I achieved, which motivated me to continue with it. Theuseful information provided in the program helped me better understand my point of no return and how to increase my stamina.

When we had sex after completing this program, I lasted nearly 5 minutes. It was great. I could feel her enjoying it. It was wonderful to see my wife enjoy the act and reaching orgasm without having to take any medication or use a delay cream. Of course, it was equally delightful for me.

When we had sex after completing this program, I lasted nearly 5 minutes. It was great. I could feel her enjoying it. It was wonderful to see my wife enjoy the act and reach orgasm without me having to take any medication or use a delay cream. Of course, it was equally delightful for me.

I happily recommend this program to others who are suffering from PE. It’s not as costly as other treatments, and it helps. Three months is a short time to spend, and it’s worth the effort.


Paul, WA, USA
My concerns turned out to be wrong
Before signing up with the PE Program I was concerned that it would include exercises and principles that I already knew. But, in the program I learned how and when exactly to use the stop-start method and squeeze technique, which led me to last longer during masturbation and sex.


Alan, FL, USA
I am now confident that I can last as long as I want
I’ve always struggled with PE. Sometimes I would last 5 minutes; other times I would last 5 seconds. When this would happen, I would be disappointed because I didn’t have control of my sexual experience.

I would try Kegels, squeezing, and the stop-start method; but when I would approach climax there was nothing on earth that would stop my orgasm from exploding. So, I had resolved to think that my stamina is a crapshoot and that if I last long it’s because I was lucky – and that there is nothing I could do to last as long as I wanted.

But then I found the Between Us Clinic and read about the results they were promising. I was skeptical because of all the bad experiences that I have had with treating PE, but I decided to try it. When I started it, I had many questions. I wasn’t expecting a response, but they did respond and were very helpful. Then I began trusting the service. As I continued with the program my stamina improved greatly.

Through this program I have gained confidence that I can perform because of the skills I have acquired through my work and the direction of this program. I’m confident that anybody could achieve similar results if they give this program a try.

From starting with no confidence, I now have confidence from this program that I can last as long as I want.


Derek, CA, USA
My performance and duration improved substantially
Like many men, I have been very nervous and concerned about my performance in bed and whether I would please my partner. Worse still, at those times when I really wanted to perform better, my failure to do so became extremely frustrating.

Over time, it became obvious that I needed help with this, and so I searched the Internet to find a remedy for premature ejaculation, a problem men often find difficult to discuss. Fortunately, I eventually found Between US Clinic’s “PE Program” and decided to purchase it. Buying it was convenient and less embarrassing than visiting a clinic, so it was an easy decision for me to make.

The PE Program asks participants to complete at least three training sessions per week. Initially, I thought this would be too much, but I understood that for this to work I needed to make a commitment. I’m glad I did.

As I continued with the program, my performance and duration during the exercises improved substantially, going from a very short time at first to twelve minutes of nonstop stimulation when I reached the program’s final step. Even though the challenge became greater for each step, I completed the individual segments at a satisfactory pace.

Throughout the program, following the instructions in my training plan helped build my confidence in my ability to do better. PE is not an unsolvable problem. If you, like me, want help with resolving your PE issue without “going public” with it, the PE Program offered by the Between Us Clinic is a great option.

Your progress with the exercises is tracked by their computer system and, if you have questions as you go along, you can get answers quickly and easily through their email system.

Since finishing the solo program, I have started the PE Program for Couples to ensure I maintain my previous success during real sexual encounters. With that said I am already confident that I can perform far better than before by using the skills and techniques I acquired in the solo program.

So, here’s the bottom line. The PE Program is a convenient, effective, private platform for treating the premature ejaculation that many men encounter. With the generous support and training you get through the sessions, the email “helpline,” and the other resources available, you may find, like I did, that signing up for the program is a very worthwhile step toward enhancing your sexual performance.


Brian, IL, USA
It was discrete, it was educational, and most of all it worked…
Before buying the program I was skeptical about it but figured it was a small enough investment to take a risk. I was happy to find that it was actually a pretty good product that had accurate tips and clear instructions. I liked that it had clear instructions written in a matter-of-fact tone. There were very helpful learnings here. In addition, the system sends reminders and encouraging updates along the way which really helps to prevent attrition.

To sum things up, I would recommend this product 100%. At less than $70 this product helps you fix a very serious issue that can drastically improve your quality of life!


Daniel, NY, USA
I feel more in control during sexual experiences with my girlfriend
I believe these techniques are effective as they allow me to experience and become comfortable with the feeling which occurs immediately prior to ejaculation. This allows me to feel more in control during sexual experiences with my girlfriend.

Using this program I have learned how to use the technique for the stop-start method to be effective. I have also learned how important it is to complete the exercises on a consistent and regular basis.

I liked the open communication with your team members and the simplicity of the program and the instructions. Overall it just feels like you’re not getting ripped off which is probably a big thing that people looking for this sort of treatment are worried about.


George, PA, USA
Private, Knowledgeable, Helpful…
I believe the stop-start and the squeeze techniques are effective treatments for premature ejaculation – both train you to take control of PE. Using the program, I increased the length of time that sex takes so that my wife could fully enjoy the sexual experience.

If I would describe the program in 3 words only, I would say it’s private, knowledgeable and helpful.


Jesse, CO, USA
These techniques are more effective than you’d think
Emailed reminders were great. They serve to check in with users and it doesn’t feel too invasive – just the right amount of frequency.

Coupled with a willing, patient and understanding partner, these techniques are more effective than you’d think.


Tim, MA, USA
I learned that the stop-start method and the squeeze technique can definitely help
With this program, I learned that the stop-start method and the squeeze technique can definitely help control ejaculation timing if done properly.