Guided Imagery for Erectile Dysfunction – How to Beat Psychological ED?

A man listening to a guided imagery recording for erectile dysfunction

Guided imagery is a powerful therapeutic technique that can help men beat psychological erectile dysfunction that is caused by performance anxiety.

In this article we’ll explain what guided imagery for ED is, how does it work and talk about how can you practice it?

What is guided imagery for erectile dysfunction?

Guided imagery is a visualization exercise in which you listen to a script that describes a positive scenario you wish for. While you listen to the instructions, your mind enters a trance-like state. This enables us to tap into the unconscious mind and make real changes.

Guided imagery therapy for ed works on the principle that the mind can’t differentiate between an imagined and a real scenario. When you repeatedly visualize yourself having great sex with no erection difficulties, your mind slowly rewires itself.

Psychological impotence is usually caused by performance anxiety. Performance anxiety happens when negative self-talk and unhelpful thoughts and emotions overwhelm you. It creates a mental block that makes it impossible to have an erection.

When we’re anxious, the body triggers the “fight or flight” response which draws blood away from “less important” organs (such as the penis), towards the organs needed for your immediate survival. And, without blood an erection is not possible.

Performance anxiety also blocks arousal. When your mind is flooded with unhelpful thoughts there’s no room for arousing thoughts to occur. It draws away all your focus and attention. Without arousal there is no erection. This is why ED medication such as Viagra often doesn’t work for psychological impotence and performance anxiety.

How long does it take to see results?

Most men can see results within 30 days. After practicing guided imagery for long enough, hearing positive affirmations, and imagining great sex while engaging in positive self-talk, the unconscious mind anchors itself to believe that the next time you’ll have real sex, it is going to be great as well. This eliminates negative thinking patterns and breaks the performance anxiety cycle so many men suffer from.

A study conducted by Professor K. Kuruvilla, Head of the Psychiatry Department at Christian Medical College in Vellore, found that 70% of men treated with guided imagery and sexual re-education succeeded in overcoming their psychological ED.

How to practice guided imagery therapy for ED?

You can speak with a sex therapist or a psychologist. They can help you write a guided imagery script you can later record and listen to. Another option is to purchase a pre-recorded script that was specifically written and recorded for psychological erectile dysfunction.

There are a number of programs like these online that you can download and practice in the privacy of your own home.

A similar method that is possibly an even better alternative to guided imagery is guided meditation. A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 (!) men who went through mindfulness meditation sessions overcame psychological erectile dysfunction after just 4 weeks of practice.

Hypnosis is another method that shares some similarities, although it is not the same. So, make sure you are purchasing the right recording.

About Dr. Michael Stokes

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