Boyfriend Can’t Stay Hard with a Condom

What can I do if my boyfriend can’t stay hard with a condom?

It’s common for men to lose their erection while using a condom and quite unlikely that is has anything to do with how attracted he is to you or your relationship. Talking about your sexual concerns can feel daunting at the best of times, but when it comes to condom associated erection problems the stakes are even higher.

Men who face these issues are less likely to use condoms, putting themselves and their partners at increased risk. That’s why it’s vital to find time to openly discuss your sexual relationship.  Remember your boyfriend may be quite sensitive about condom associated erection problems, so treat the conversation gently and be open to coming up with creative solutions. 

The most common causes that make men lose erection before, during, or after putting on a condom are wrong condom size, reduced physical sensations, and performance anxiety. It’s essential to tackle the root cause of the problem to resolve it successfully. That’s why communication and honesty are key components in overcoming this troubling issue.

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