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Sex Therapist in Florida

Sex therapist in Florida

Sex Therapist in Florida Looking for a certified sex therapist in Florida? Between Us Clinic therapists are available for telehealth sex therapy consultations for Florida residents. If you or your loved one are suffering from sexual dysfunction, sex therapy can be the way for you to bring your sex life back on track and to enjoy the intimacy you and your partner deserve. Know that … Continue reading Sex Therapist in Florida »

Anorgasmia in Men – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Man with anorgasmia sitting frustrated at the side of his bed

Most cases of male anorgasmia can be successfully diagnosed and treated The inability to reach an orgasm is a condition known as “anorgasmia” or “Coughlan’s syndrome.” Being unable to reach orgasm can be a difficult problem to cope with. It often leads to stress, anxiety, and frustration and, in many cases, also causes relationship difficulties. Male anorgasmia can have different causes which can co-occur, but … Continue reading Anorgasmia in Men – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments »